About My Portraits

Your portrait is recreated in 3D wood art methods called intarsia or segmentation. I take a digital photo provided by you and create an image that I turn into a pattern. The pattern is transferred to wood paying attention to grain direction. The pieces are cut out and fitted to produce a wood image much like a puzzle. Each piece is then shaped to create a 3D relief. After all the pieces are sanded I finish the portrait with stains & semi–gloss or satin finish varnish. In some cases different shades and species of wood are used to create the portrait instead of using stains for the final portrait.

I also offer Fretwork or Silhouette Portraits.
If your art piece is Fretwork I use 1/8”, ¼”, or ½” plywood.

Each 3D portrait is made out of 1/4″ to 3/4″ wood using appropriate species and grains. I only use non-lead-based (latex) paints and stains and water-based finishes. For my fretwork I use the highest quality solid core plywood made from Baltic Birch, Red Oak, Cherry, and Walnut.

The plywood I use is typically Baltic Birch. Depending on the project I may also use hardwood plys such as Oak, Maple, or Walnut.

Each standard portrait is approximately 12″ high and 10″ to 12″ wide. Larger framed pieces can be as large as 24” High and 12” – 16” wide.

About My Cigar Box Guitars

Every Cigar Box Guitar I build is a Unique one of a kind instrument.  I use all hardwoods for my necks and fretboards. I spend time looking for the best cigar box for the project. Many of my creations are embellished with wood burning or other visual accents.  Not only do they look good, but I have been told they sound great.  I do custom themes based on your request or if you would like I can come up with a theme for you.  I typically use a 24″ to 25.5″ scale.  My CBG’s can be either pure acoustic or built with piezo or magnetic pickups with tone and or volume controls.

About My Plaques and Specialty Builds

I’m all about the challenge. Whether its a plaque for a Fire Academy Graduate or a Sports Club my Plaques are unique one of a kind creations that beat your expectations.

About My Rockers

The Rocking Pet – a rocker custom-designed to look just like a child’s favorite cat or dog. I draft my design of the pet based on four photos – left and right profiles, back and front. I can also add accessories to help bring the Rocking Pet to life – bows, bells, collars, or any other item that is unique to the pet.

No pet? No problem! I can also create rockers modeled after favorite animals (horses, elephants, zebras) or even favorite vehicles (fire trucks, race cars, etc). For these I just need a photo or two of the item you’d like the rocker to look like.

Materials and Safety
Each rocker is made out of pine and is completely handcrafted. The pieces are all hand-cut and I only use non-lead-based (latex) paints and stains and water-based finishes.

Each rocker is mounted on a 45-inch long base. The heights vary, depending on the rocker.

Ordering Process
Please allow 6 weeks for completion. Rockers are shipped via UPS Ground.